Going Green



Butchko Bros. cares about the Environment.
By purchasing Recycled Vehicle Parts,
You'll also be helping to Save Our Environment !!

Did you know.....


     There's more to the recycled parts story than saving money on auto repairs. Our industry consolidates and recycles damaged, abandoned, and inoperable vehicles, making our remaining countrysides, streets, and neighborhoods safer and more pleasant places in which to live and enjoy. By recycling automotive parts, we save the natural ores, resources, and energy needed to manufacture new automotive parts. 

      The automobile is one of the few major manufactured products that has a percentage of its components reused, or recycled. Each automotive part that is resold and reused represents energy savings in the manufacturing of new replacement parts. Saving this energy reduces air pollution as well as our nation's dependence on foreign oil. In Pennsylvania alone, the recycling of automobiles represents an annual conservation of 1,212,698 barrels of oil...enough energy savings to heat more than 50,000 homes. 

     Recycled vehicles are the number one source of our national scrap metal supply. Tons of cast iron, steel, aluminum, platinum, copper, and lead are recovered annually by the automotive recycling industry. 

     As you can see, the automotive recycling industry has a major impact on the resource conservation...but the story doesn't end there. Recycling automotive parts also helps keep vehicle insurance costs affordable. Often an automotive recycler will pay an insurance company thousands of dollars for a damaged late model vehicle, reducing the insurance company's "total claim costs." This means lower vehicle insurance premiums for consumers.

Source: www.parts.org