Community Involvement


Dare to compare: Butchko Bros., Inc. encourages the community to examine other local automotive recyclers. You will find that for over 68 years, we have been and continue to be second to none for: Service, Reputation, Ethics, and Community Involvement. We work in cooperation with local and state law enforcement agencies to conduct business the correct way ... by the book. We ask that you, as a citizen, keep these issues in mind on your next automotive purchase.

Vocational Technical Schools:  Throughout the year, Butchko Bros., Inc. donates new and used auto parts to several high school level “Vo-Tech’s” in both Pennsylvania and West Virginia.  The Auto Body program at these schools may be training your future mechanic or body shop technician.  By using these parts, the students have actual hoods, fenders, and doors, to weld, repair, paint, etc.  Best of all, the parts are donated and even delivered!!

Fire & Rescue Training: Ever wonder where Fire & Rescue Personnel learn new techniques? They learn right here at Butchko Bros., Inc. We donate our property and vehicles to the surrounding fire and rescue units to “practice" and sharpen their skills. Last year alone, we had 6 area fire companies participate in training classes here. In doing so, we believe your loved ones will have a better chance of survival if ever involved in an accident.  We want to thank these men & women for their services.

Youth Sports: At Butchko Bros., Inc., We believe our children are our future. We encourage all area children to be involved in sports, school and/or church activities, etc. By reinforcing positive goals, we feel we may help change a child's future. We are proud to do whatever we can do to help make a better tomorrow for our children and our community. Each and every year, We look forward to the local youth sports programs. We donate to and/or sponsor teams to keep children involved in athletics and promote healthy attitudes, team pride, and positive activities during the summer months. Look for Butchko Bros., Inc. at the next soccer, baseball, softball, or football game. 

4-H Livestock Program: Over the years, Butchko Bros., Inc. has supported the local 4-H Educational Scholarship Livestock Auction held at the Fayette County Fair. The level of commitment and the pride these kids show is simply unbelievable. We will see you there again this fall.